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Shark Conservation
A leopard shark rests on the sandy ocean floor near a vibrant reef in the Andaman Sea.

Protecting Sharks with Shark Guardian

Sharks play a major role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems. They are apex predators, which means they are at the top of the marine food chain. As such, they help control the populations of prey species below them, preventing overpopulation of certain marine animals and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Without sharks, the marine world can face huge losses and devastating changes in biodiversity, and even a decline in coral reef health. Unfortunately, millions of them are being killed each year from various human related activities and impacts. 

At Fast Manta we’re committed to help preserve our sharks and we work in partnership with conservation charity Shark Guardian. Shark Guardian enforces conservation through educational programs and scientific research, conducts conservation campaigns around the world, and leads or supports conservation petitions.

Our Efforts to Protect the Sharks

Sharks suffer from human related activities and impacts caused by the fishing industry (such as overfishing, shark finning and bycatch), environmental and climate change, and fear. At Fast Manta, we try to protect the sharks by sticking to the below protocols.

Education and Awareness

Together with Shark Guardian, we provide educational materials and briefings to divers about the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems, their conservation status, and the impact of human activities on shark populations.

Eco-Aware Practices

We protect the marine environment where sharks live by not using single-use plastic, only allowing reef-safe sunscreen, and having non-smoking boats. Additionally, when possible, we collect ghost nets and other debris that can be detrimental for sharks.

No-Touch Policy

All our divers must adhere to responsible shark diving guidelines that prioritise the well-being of sharks. This includes maintaining a respectful distance and avoiding intrusive behaviour.

Ready to learn more?

In our PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty course, we explore the significance of sharks to our planet, their vulnerabilities, and practical steps for their protection. During dives, you’ll learn to identify potential hazards to sharks, impacting their health. If you’re fortunate, you might spot some of our local shark species during the course! 

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