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PADI Medical Forms

In order to prioritise the safety of all our divers, we kindly request that each guest completes the PADI Medical Form to confirm their medical fitness for diving. If you can answer ‘No’ to every question, you do not require a physician’s examination before your fun dives or course. 

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the basic medical questions, a further assessment is required by a doctor. If you have any health concerns, pre-existing medical conditions and/or will be taking any medication whilst planning a diving trip with us, please download the PADI Medical Form, and complete it with your doctor or physician before signing up for diving with us. The form includes guidelines that enable physicians who are not familiar with scuba diving to make informed decisions about your fitness to dive.

Customers are strongly advised to secure appropriate travel insurance, with a reputable insurance provider, and applicable to the activities they will be undertaking. Such insurance should provide comprehensive coverage of at least the following; Diving, Medical, Travel, Personal Liability and Cancellation provisions. Fast Manta shall not be held responsible for any resultant financial or personal loss or injury where customers choose not to secure such insurance. Additionally, Fast Manta will not be responsible for refunds due to issues related to the required Medical Forms. The customer is therefore 100% responsible for payment of trips or courses should they either (1) incorrectly fill out the form, or (2) fail to provide a signed doctor’s note approving the customer to dive.

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